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ICE International Currency Exchange is one of the largest and most respected retail currency exchange brands in the world, with an impressive 35 year history.

With over 320 branches worldwide, we operate in 20 countries, across four continents and can be found in more than 65 airports worldwide.

We manage a transaction every 6 seconds and serve more than 7 million customers a year.

We are a global organization that has grown from humble roots, originating in London, England more than 35 years ago. Our founders established the company with a set of core values and guiding principles; To provide an unparalleled level of customer service, expertise and integrity.

More than three decades later, regardless of our growth and significant global presence, we still operate on those same principles and values. We believe in making a difference to the communities in which we operate, to both our customers and our staff.

In Europe, these philosophies are no exception. From our first London location on London Victoria Railway station more than 25 years ago to our 150th branch, we are proud of our European history and growth.

Whether at one of our major Belgium airport locations such as Charleroi International Airport or at one of our boutique storefront locations, you will always find knowledgeable staff, outstanding service and competitive rates.

Our Locations:

Frankfurt International Airport Terminal 2 – Hamburg Kirchenallee 57

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